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This expansive exhibit includes three continents, several different habitats and a wide array of fascinating animals. It showcases the dramatic, natural area stretching from the African savanna to the South American jungle.

Bongo range

Feature Creature


(Tragelaphus eurycerus)

Native to: Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Kenya, Niger and West/Central Africa
Primary Diet: bark, bushes, cereals, fruits, grasses, leaves, roots, shrubs and vines
Adult Weight: 500 to 900 pounds
Status: Nearly threatened
The bongo is the largest and heaviest forest antelope. Both female and male bongos have spiraled, u-shaped horns that grow up to 40 inches long, which they keep their entire lives. Since they live in dense forests, the horns of bongos usually point backwards allowing them to better navigate their surroundings. One bongo here at the Zoo has crossed horns, see if you can spot them!