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Zoo Welcomes New Impalas

Paprika (front) and Basil arrived from Lion Country Safari
in Loxahatchee, FL last month.

Posted May 2022

The Milwaukee County Zoo is pleased to announce the arrival of two female impalas, Paprika and Basil. The half-sisters are nearly 1 year old and arrived from Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee, FL. They completed a 30-day quarantine at the Animal Health Center upon their arrival (as do all new animals that join the population) before relocating to the Impala Plains habitat at Adventure Africa.

Paprika takes in the surroundings after joining the herd in the Impala Plains habitat this week.

Paprika and Basil were introduced to the rest of the Zoo’s impala herd this week. Impala are typically excited about newcomers, and their introduction to the herd is going well. They should quickly become integrated to the herd and stick with the other four impala, who will teach them about their new habitat and daily routine.

Paprika and Basil moved to the Milwaukee County Zoo to help keep the existing impala herd healthy and thriving. The other four impala in the herd range in age from nine to 13 years old, so it was a good time to welcome some younger animals that can learn from the older ones. Since Paprika and Basil are still young and came from a large outdoor habitat, zookeepers expect them to be shy around visitors at first, while they get used to being in closer proximity to more people.

Basil is quickly becoming acclimated to her new environment.

Impala are medium-sized antelope that are found in the eastern and southern regions of Africa. They are mostly found in woodlands, usually inhabiting places near water.

Paprika and Basil can now be seen by the public on a limited basis. They’ll gradually begin to spend more time in their outdoor habitat and will soon be on public view every day. Stop by the Impala Plains habitat to say hello!