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VIRTUAL VALENTINES…From our animals, with love.

Alpaca Valentine

Share a special Valentine message with a wild touch for your “significant otter.” Virtual Valentines are a unique way to send a customized video greeting to a friend or loved one – featuring their favorite Zoo animal! Listen as one of our zookeepers delivers your personalized message alongside a sloth, seal or other adorable animal.

It’s a perfect way to show someone special in your life how much you care!

Choose from one of the following animals to send your special message:

  • FlamingoesRockhopper and Gentoo Penguins – Tell your loved one how much you adore chillin’ with them from our fancy, feathered friends.
  • Caribbean and Chilean Flamingos – Let the special one in your life know how tickled pink you are to be with them.
  • Moose – “Promoose” you’ll always be theirs… from Robin the moose.
  • Harbor Seals – “Seal” your valentine with a kiss from one of our four flippered friends.
  • Red Panda – Let them know you will be theirs “fur-ever” from Dash, Dr. Erin or Kiki.
  • Giraffes – Let our herd tell your loved one they are head and shoulders above the rest.
  • Hippopotamus – Hip, hippo-ray for your love from Happy the hippo.
  • Rhinoceros – Tell them you love them a TON from Jozie the rhino.
  • Elephant – Wish the special person in your life an “ele-phantastic” day from our elephant girls.
  • Amazon River Turtle – Tell them how “turtle-ly” in love with them you are from Onassis.
  • Alpaca – Have you “herd?” Our alpacas would love to send “softly-coated” words to your loved ones.
  • River Otter – Let our playful pals make your “significant otter’s” day.
  • Sloth – Have our two-toed sloths tell your loved one you love them “slow” much.
  • Three-banded Armadillo – Let Mira the armadillo tell them how much you “dig” them.
  • Springhaas – Have our bouncy friend let them know how “hoppy” you are to have them in your life.
  • Madagascar Hissing Cockroach – Have Bob the roach remind them that your love, like roaches, lasts forever.

How The Virtual Valentine Works

  • SealWhen you book your Valentine, you’ll complete a form with specific details and the message you want to send.
  • We’ll make a 30-second video with animal care staff relaying your message and the featured animal displaying a special gesture.
  • On or before February 13th, we’ll send you a link to download your video. You can then send it on to the recipient. You will have 14 days to download the video from the link sent.
  • Cost: $25 per Virtual Valentine.
  • If you would like the video link to be sent anonymously on Valentine’s Day, there will be an extra $5 charge that will be added at the time you request your video. The link will be sent to you and the recipient separately on February 14th.
  • The last day to order a Virtual Valentine will be February 10th to ensure time to film.

Virtual Valentine Facts – All the Details

Red Panda ValentineWhat should I expect from a Virtual Valentine?

In your video, you will have your featured animal joined by an animal care staff member who will share your message. The animal care staff will introduce themselves and the animal, share your message, and add a fun fact or two to complete the message.

How long are the videos?

Videos are usually about 30-seconds long. It varies slightly with each request.

How do I request a Virtual Valentine?

When you book, select the animal that you want featured in your video. Once you complete your purchase, you will complete a form with all the information needed to complete your request. You can expect to receive the link to your video delivered on or before February 13th.

How far in advance should I order a Valentine?

We advise you to order your Virtual Valentine as soon as possible, as we have a limited amount of filming availability per animal. The last day to order is February 10th.

Will the video be delivered to the intended recipient for me?

SlothThe requested video will be delivered to the person who made the request, not the intended recipient. The person making the request will be responsible for sharing the video with their intended recipient. If you choose the anonymous delivery option, there is an additional $5 charge to have the video sent on Valentine’s Day. The link will be sent to you and the recipient separately February 14th between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Central Standard Time.

How will videos be delivered?

The person who made the request will receive an email when the Valentine is ready. Included in the email will be a link to download your video through Google Drive.

Do I need to have a Google or Gmail account to download the video?

No, you will be able to access the video file with the link that is provided without having a Google or Gmail account.

How long will I have to download a copy of my video?

You will have 14 days to download and save a copy of your video. After 14 days, the video will be deleted from our cloud storage (Google Drive).

What if I don’t receive my Virtual Valentine within 7 days of the request?

First, please check your spam or junk mail folders. Emails from the Zoo may show in these folders. If you still do not receive an email with your Virtual Valentine, please contact us here. Make sure to include your order number, the name of who requested the Valentine, and the email address associated with the purchase.

Purchase a Virtual Valentine, click here.

More questions?

Contact the Wild Connections team at zoo.wildconnections@milwaukeecountywi.gov