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Meet the New Residents
in the Small Mammals Building

Posted January 2021

Even though the Small Mammals building is currently closed due to COVID-19 guidelines, we’re excited to share details of the new residents with visitors….virtually!

Male prehensile-tailed porcupine

Male prehensile porcupineWe recently welcomed a new male prehensile-tailed porcupine, named Seamus, to join female Quinn and the armadillos. Things are getting cozy quickly, as the two seem to be getting along very well. Seamus will be 2 years old in April and is described by zookeepers as laid back and a little shy. The pair is recommended for breeding by the Species Survival Plan® (SSP) of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, so we’ll keep you updated on how things are going.

Male golden lion tamarin

Male golden lion tamarinA new male golden lion tamarin, Pequeno, has been introduced to our female, Levi. “There was absolutely no reaction from either one when they were introduced,” said Small Mammal Supervisor, Rhonda. Pequeno is from Albuquerque Biological Park Zoo and is 12 years old. Zookeepers describe him as shy, but he’s getting more brave. These two are not recommended for breeding, and looks like they will make great companions.

Female red ruffed lemur

Female red ruffed lemurA female ruffed lemur, Penny, came to us from the Denver Zoo and is described as young, confident and brave. Currently she is taking her time getting acquainted with our male, however, the zookeepers have seen them grooming each other every now and then so they are progressing. This is also a companion pair, not recommended for breeding.

Male ring-tailed lemur

Male ring-tailed lemurMale ring-tailed lemur, Ombelay, has recently joined the animals in Small Mammals. He was originally acquired as a companion animal for female, Jenny. Unfortunately, at the end of February, Jenny was euthanized due to poor quality of life. She had a history of mammary cancer, and her health declined as the cancer had metastasized. Zookeepers report Ombelay is doing well and describe him as very calm, sweet and trusting. Ombelay will be 9 years old in April.