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Zoo Excited to Announce Hatching of
Humboldt Penguin Chick

Humboldt penguin Sulley
Sulley may now be seen in the Humboldt penguin habitat.

Posted July 2021

The Milwaukee County Zoo is excited to announce the hatching of a male Humboldt penguin chick. The chick, named Sulley, was hatched on March 26 and is now regularly visible in the Humboldt Penguin habitat. His biological parents are Thistle and Mackerel and can be identified by the light-purple wing bands. Since his parents are young and inexperienced, Sulley’s egg was given to more experienced birds to raise.

Sulley’s foster parents are Anke and Houdini. They can be identified by the grey bands they wear. The pair have previously fostered several chicks and are excellent parents.

Humboldt penguin Sulley
Sulley is nearly the size of an adult penguin.

Sulley, his parents and his foster parents, may all be seen in the Humboldt penguin habitat. Sulley has already made some appearances outdoors and will continue to have the option to greet the public when he chooses. He will have access to his pool until July 16, when he will be taken off exhibit for weaning. Sulley will remain off exhibit for about a week, and possibly longer, depending on how quickly he learns to eat.

Humboldt penguin chicks don’t go into their outdoor habitat until they are able to swim, so Sulley is already nearly the size of an adult bird. When he was last weighed, he was nearly 7 ½ pounds. Sulley can be identified by the dark-blue band he wears on his right wing and by his coloration. He is currently dark-grey on the top of his body and light-grey on his belly. He will molt when he’s about 1 year old, at which time he’ll get his adult markings and coloration.