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"Zoo" are the Best!

Virtual Mother's Day Greetings … From our animals, with love.

Orangutan Alex
Female orangutan, Alex, will send a virtual greeting to someone special.

Share a personalized Mother’s Day virtual greeting this year featuring one of nature’s best mothers!

These virtual greetings are a great way to show the moms and loved ones in your life how much you care, and help protect animal moms in the wild. Part of the proceeds (10%) will benefit the Missing Orangutan Mothers (M.O.M.) campaign. For more information about orangutan conservation, visit the website at redapes.org.

Snow Leopards Milja & Orya
Snow leopard mom, Orya,
with female cub, Milja.

Choose from one of the following animals to send your special message:

  • Orangutan – Swing on in to tell mom how much she means!
  • Snow Leopard – Tell your mom she’s the cat’s meow!
  • Octopus – Send an 8-armed hug to the one who means the world to you!

How the Greetings Work

  • Purchase your virtual greeting on the Zoo’s website; the cost: $25 per greeting.
  • After you book your greeting, you will receive a confirmation email with an online form to complete, which includes all the details we need to create your message.
  • We’ll make a 30-second (or longer) video with animal care staff relaying your message and the featured animal displaying a special behavior.
  • On or before May 6th, you will receive an email with a link to download your video. You can either email the video itself or send the link to the recipient. You will have 14 days to download the video from the link sent.
  • Unless the greetings sell out beforehand, the final day to order a Mother’s Day greeting is April 30th at 5 p.m. (Central Standard Time) to ensure time to film.

Mother's Day Greeting Facts: All the Details

Giant Pacific octopus Mini Muffin will greet your loved one (virtually), one with an
8-armed hug!

What should I expect from a virtual greeting?

In your video, the animal care staff will introduce themselves and the featured animal, share your message, and add some fun facts about the animal.

How long are the videos?

Videos are usually about 30-seconds long or more. It varies slightly depending on your request.

How do I request a Mother’s Day greeting?

You can purchase your greeting on the Zoo’s website. Select one of the three animals that you’d like featured in your video. Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with an online form to complete with the necessary information. The link to your video should be delivered by May 6th. Please be aware that animal care staff may not be able to deliver your message word for word. They will tailor it to best fit the greeting format.

How far in advance should I order a Mother’s Day greeting?

We advise that you order your greeting as soon as possible due to the limited filming availability per animal. Greeting will be available for purchase on the Zoo’s website until April 30th at 5 p.m. (Central Standard Time), unless they sell out first.

Will the video be delivered to the intended recipient for me?

The requested video will be delivered to the person who made the request, not the intended recipient. The person making the request will be responsible for sharing the video with their intended recipient.

How will videos be delivered?

The person who made the request will receive an email when the Mother’s Day greeting is ready. Included in the email will be a link to download your video through Google Drive.

Do I need to have a Google or Gmail account to download the video?

No, you will be able to access the video file with the link that is provided without having a Google or Gmail account.

How long will I have to download a copy of my video?

You will have 14 days to download and save a copy of your video. After 14 days, the video will be deleted from our cloud storage (Google Drive).

What if I don’t receive my greeting by May 6th at 5 p.m.?

First, please check your spam or junk mail folders. Emails from the Zoo may appear in these folders. If you still do not receive an email with your Mother’s Day greeting, please contact us at zoo.wildconnections@milwaukeecountywi.gov. Make sure to include your order number, the name of the person who requested the greeting, and the email address associated with the purchase.

More questions?

Contact the Wild Connections team at zoo.wildconnections@milwaukeecountywi.gov.

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