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And on the (Family) Farm we have some… Pigs!

Kunekune pig Peabody
Peabody weighs a little under 40 pounds.

Posted August 2021

Kunekune pigs to be exact. The Zoo is happy to welcome two Kunekune pigs to the Northwestern Mutual Family Farm! The kunekune breed (pronounced “cooney” “cooney”) originates from New Zealand and first arrived in the United States in the 1990s.

You will find brothers, Peabody and Percy, in the habitat next to the Scottish Highland and belted Galloway cows, across from the Goat Yard. The brothers were born in April and are eating mini pig food pellets, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and carrots. You will notice little tassels on their chin, which is just longer hair – a distinctive trait for this breed.

Kunekunes can grow up to 4-feet-long and between 130 to 220 pounds. Peabody currently weighs a little less than 40 pounds, and Percy weighs a little more than 40 pounds.

The animal care team describe them both as friendly and loving toward people. Peabody is more mellow and Percy tries to be the boss. You will be able to tell them apart by the color of their ears. Peabody has two black ears while Percy has two different colored ears.

Kunekune pig Percy
Zookeepers say Percy tries to be the boss over Peabody, who is more mellow in temperament.
Kunekune pigs
The new pigs are becoming a fan favorite at the Zoo! Here they’re enjoying watermelon as food enrichment.