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Japanese Macaque Baby Born on Monkey Island

Japanese macaques
Mother Negai nurses Kumo.

Posted June 2021

The Milwaukee County Zoo is happy to report the birth of a male Japanese macaque on May 15. The baby, named Kumo, was born to mother Negai and father Kota. Kumo is the Japanese word for cloud. This is the third offspring for Negai. She is also mother to Daisuki and Kaishi.

Japanese macaques
Negai is very protective of Kumo.

Kumo can be seen by the public in the outdoor Monkey Island habitat. Macaques spend most of their time outdoors in the summer, so visitors will have many opportunities to watch him grow.

Negai is a very protective mother and is nursing Kumo well. He is developing normally and has even begun venturing away from Negai from time to time.

Japanese macaques are the northernmost living non-human primate. No other non-human primate lives in a colder climate. Macaque populations are stable in the wild. An estimated 100,000 macaques currently live throughout Japan.

Video: Mother Negai with baby Kumo