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Update on Bactrian Camel Calf Oliver

Bactrian camel calf Oliver
Oliver is healthy and is growing quickly.

Posted May 2021

The Milwaukee County Zoo is happy to report that Bactrian camel calf Oliver remains healthy and is thriving as he approaches one month old.  Oliver was born April 13 to parents Addie-Jean (known as A.J.) and Stan.  Oliver is a large calf and he’s growing quickly.  His last recorded weight was 127 pounds on April 26.

Bactrian camel calf OliverOliver is the third offspring born to A.J. and Stan.  They have two other sons: Jethro, who was born in 2019; and George, born in 2017. Both Jethro and George have since transferred to other zoological organizations.  Zookeepers report that A.J. has been a wonderful mother to Oliver and she has been a noticeably calmer parent this time around.

Oliver is still nursing and will continue to do so until he or A.J. decides it’s time to stop.  Oliver is beginning to show more independence from mom and dad.  He has shown lots of curiosity for new objects in his exhibit.  His humps have even started to stand up.  When a calf is born, their humps are born “empty” and lay flopped over.

Visitors can see Oliver in the outdoor Camel Yard, with mom, A.J. and A.J.’s mother, Sanchi. In the case of inclement weather, Oliver will be off exhibit in the indoor camel barn.

Oliver and mom, A.J., on April 13: