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Zoo Welcomes a New Ayrshire Calf

Ayrshire calf Phoebe

Posted November 2021

The Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a female Ayrshire calf in the Northwestern Mutual Family Farm. Born Oct. 20 to mom Ruby, Phoebe weighed 101 pounds at birth and keepers say she acts like a typical calf – “happy and bouncy!”

Her diet consists of bottle-fed cow’s milk, which she gets three times daily, for a total of 18 pints. She also drinks water and has free choice to eat hay when she’s hungry. At about 8 weeks old, zookeepers will begin to wean her off milk.

Visitors can see Phoebe in the outdoor hutch if the weather is nice. If it’s raining, she spends time in an off-exhibit area in the Heifer Barn. She will stay in the outdoor area until she either outgrows it or it snows.

When Phoebe’s outside, visitors can see her near black and white Holstein calf, Sadie, and red and white Holstein calf, Tilly, both born in June. The three aren’t together in the same area, as Sadie and Tilly are too big to live in the same space safely with Phoebe. Phoebe will need to be weaned and grow a little for all three to be together.

Phoebe will join the milking rotation in the Zoo’s working dairy barn when she’s about 2 years old. Next time you’re at the Zoo, hopefully you’ll see Phoebe “bouncing” in her outdoor exhibit!

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Ayrshire calf Phoebe Ayrshire calf Phoebe Ayrshire calf Phoebe Ayrshire calf Phoebe Ayrshire calf Phoebe