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Posted April 2020

Polar Bear

Polar bear, Snow Lilly
Polar bear, Snow Lilly
  • Snow Lilly; 35 years old – the oldest polar bear in human care
  • Eats 2-3 pounds of fish daily, along with 10 pounds of Polar Bear Pellets, 5-7 pounds of ground meat, 1 pound of lard, and apples and carrots
  • Arrived at the Milwaukee County Zoo in 2005 from the Bronx Zoo
  • Favorite “play activity” is bouncing her large ball on the bottom of her exhibit pool


  • MCZ is home to two jaguars: Stella and her offspring, Francisco
  • Francisco was born in 2014 to mother Stella and father, Pat
  • Pat was a wild-born, rehabilitated jaguar from Belize
  • Francisco was named after the illustrator of the book “Pat, the Cat,” Francisco Moya
  • Francisco has blue eyes, mother Stella has green

Humboldt Penguins

Humboldt penguin, Wallace
Humboldt penguin, Wallace
  • MCZ is home to 16 Humboldt penguins
  • Habitat is located near the main entrance to the Zoo; the first exhibit visitors see as they enter the grounds
  • Most visitors think the Humboldts enjoy cold Wisconsin weather, however the species is native to the mild temperatures of Chile
  • Penguins have access to indoor heated burrows in the winter
  • Keepers provide the penguins with many enrichment items (toys); they often swim through the water chasing their toys
  • Feedings from keepers take place mid-morning and mid-afternoon

Amur Tigers

Amur tiger, Kashtan
Amur tiger, Kashtan
  • Female Amba is 17 years old and lives at MCZ along with her offspring, female Tula, and male, Kashtan (Kash)
  • Tula’s name means “quiet”
  • Tula was born in 2009; Kash in 2016
  • While Kash likes attention from his keepers off exhibit, all 3 tigers can be seen rotating on exhibit, both indoors and out
  • The tiger exhibits have pools – all 3 tigers enjoy playing in the water and interacting with enrichment items in their pools

African Lions

  • Male Themba arrived at MCZ in 2003 from the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisc.
    Themba weighs ~405 pounds
  • Three female lionesses have recently joined the pride in the past several weeks: Patty Sharptooth (mother), and her two offspring, Amira and Eloise
  • Patty is 5 1/2 years old; Amira and Eloise are 2 years old
  • The three lionesses arrived from Sedgewick County Zoo in Kansas; were recommended to transfer to MCZ by AZA’s Species Survival Plan®
  • Patty Sharptooth is shier than Amira and Eloise, and all 3 are slowly getting acclimated to their new home
Spotted hyena
Spotted hyena


  • The two spotted hyenas rotate their indoor exhibit time with the African lions
    MCZ is home to male, Scruffy, 21 years old, and female, Nyota, 11 years old
  • Scruffy is distinguishable from Nyota by a small, shallow mark on the top of his ear
  • Keepers have trained Nyota for an ultrasound exam without being anesthetized

Lake Wisconsin-Aquatic & Reptile Center

  • This 55,000-gallon aquarium is the centerpiece of the Zoo’s Aquatic & Reptile Center
    40 species of fish native to Wisconsin are home to Lake Wisconsin
  • Some favorite species:
    • Rainbow trout
    • Largemouth bass
    • Northern pike
    • Longnose gar