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Help us welcome two red tail boas
to the Anaconda Habitat

Red tail boa

Posted February 2020

The Milwaukee County Zoo is happy to announce the addition of two male red tail boas to the Aquatic Reptile Center. You can find the red tail boas in the Anaconda habitat and can be detected by the reddish color toward their tail. If you can’t find them right away, look a little closer - their pattern helps camouflage themselves within their habitat.

Red tail boaThe red tail boas came from Zoo Atlanta and are both 5 years old.  Red tail boas live in tropical climates throughout most of Central and South America.  They are not venomous, but rather constrictors, meaning they squeeze their prey. Here at the Zoo they eat large rats.

The smaller snake weighs 12 pounds and the larger one weighs 16 pounds. The zookeepers haven’t measured their length, at the time of this post, but red tail boas can grow up to 7 feet long. They have holes on their faces that are heat-sensing pit organs, which contain a membrane that can detect infrared radiation from warm bodies up to three feet away. They use their strong muscles to support their body weight, so you may see them move vertically without support.

Stop by the Aquatic and Reptile Center to catch a glimpse of these snakes climbing around the Anaconda habitat.