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We're Bringing the Zoo to You!

Posted April 2020

Even though the Zoo is temporarily closed, we hope these videos bring the animals and attractions just a bit closer.

Here are some of the most popular videos shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy a virtual train ride, watch the whooping cranes splash in their pool and see a zookeeper offering the giraffes a treat of tree branches.

Virtual Train Ride

We miss having you ride the train! Enjoy this virtual train ride until we can meet there again! Enjoy the ride!


Goeldi Monkeys

You think you have picky eaters, check out our Goeldi Monkeys looking for the good stuff. Video credit: Mark, Primates Zookeeper



Giant giraffe snouts are as close as they appear.


Whooping Cranes

Torch is so excited about having his pool filled for the first time this year. Tiki, not so much. Video credit: Caty, Aviary Zookeeper


Hippo Patty Gets on the Scale

What do you do to get a hippopotamus on the scale? Find out! Video credit: Ray, Pachyderm Zookeeper