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The Milwaukee County Zoo Announces
Birth of Male Greater Kudu

Greater kudu calf

Posted June 2020

UPDATE: The new calf has been named Katavi, after Katavi National Park in Tanzania.

The Milwaukee County Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a male greater kudu born May 27 to mother Noeli and father Hasani. This is Hasani’s first calf and fourth for Noeli, including Noola who is still here. The calf, who is yet to be named, weighed 44 pounds at his neonatal exam, when he was one day old. He is nursing and growing fine and is very strong and active.

The greater kudu is a woodland antelope found throughout eastern and southern Africa and known for the shape of its horns. Our young calf already has horn nubs that will grow slowly and be noticeable in a few months. The horns of a mature bull kudu have two and a half twists, and, if straightened, would reach up to 35 inches long.

The horn material grows faster and thinner at certain times, and then thicker and slower at other times to create the shape. The spirals help the bulls lock horns with each other when engaged in fights over the females.

Once the calf is reliably staying close to mom, he will explore the African Waterhole with the other kudu.