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Enjoy the Animals...Virtually

Last updated May 8, 2020

During the Zoo's closure, we invite visitors to view the webcams, follow us on social media and check-in here for animal updates.

Hippopotamus Happy

Hippopotamus Happy
Happy drinking,
photo taken by his keeper Amanda.
  • Happy the hippo was born in 1981, and arrived at MCZ in 2009 from the National Zoo in Washington D.C.
  • Happy is 11-feet-long and weighs about 5,200 pounds
  • In the wild, hippos live in areas abundant with water, as they spend about 16 hours per day underwater to cool themselves
  • Hippos can hold their breath for up to 5 minutes, and don’t actually “swim,” but sink and walk along the bottom of lakes, rivers and watering holes
  • In their wild habitats, they can eat up to 100 pounds of grass daily

Giraffes Marlee and Bahatika (Baha)

Giraffes Marlee and Bahatika
Baha and Marlee having a snack,
photo taken by their keeper Joan.
  • The Milwaukee County Zoo is home to six giraffes, shown here are male, Bahatika, and female, Marlee
  • Baha was born in 2005, and came to MCZ in 2006 from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs
  • Marlee was born in 2012, arriving here from the Metro Zoo in Miami in 2013
  • Baha is the tallest of all MCZ’s giraffe, standing a towering 14.5-feet tall
  • Marlee is the darkest in color of all the giraffes; she stands 12-feet tall and weighs about 1,800 pounds
  • In the wild, females are protective mothers, and kick to defend their young against hyenas, leopards and African wild dogs
  • Giraffes are considered fast-pacers, that is, both legs on one side move at the same time

Amur Tiger Kashtan (Kash)

Amur Tiger Kashtan
Kash lounging behind the exhibit areas
in Big Cat Country,
photo taken by his keeper Katie.
  • Kash was born at MCZ in 2016 to mother, Amba, and father, Strannik
  • Kash weighs about 440 pounds
  • Tigers are the only big cat (felid) with stripes
  • The coat of an Amur tiger varies from dark orange to reddish brown and the stomach, neck and insides of the limbs are a creamy white
  • In the wild, tigers feed on whatever large prey they can catch, including pig, deer and buffalo
  • Big cats can roar, but not purr