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We Say Goodbye to male Caribou, Edan

Caribou Edan Up On Wall
As a youngster, Edan was friendly with visitors.

Posted September 2020

Caribou Edan
Edan will be missed by his keepers and Zoo visitors.

The Zoo is sad to announce one of its caribou, male Edan, was humanely euthanized on Sept 6. He was 12 years old, born at MCZ in 2008 to mother, Kylie, and father, Larry. Kylie,13 years old, and her mother, Rosie,16, are the remaining caribou at the Zoo. The normal life expectancy for male caribou in human care is 10 years.

Edan was recently experiencing health problems including arthritis and hoof issues which made it more difficult for him to walk. These issues are consistent with older caribou and part of the protocol was giving him medication to alleviate discomfort. After monitoring him closely, staff made the sad decision to euthanize Edan.

The caribou herd; Edan is shown on right.


Edan was a favorite animal among his keepers. Because Kylie was a very young mother, it was necessary for keepers to bottle feed Edan for some time during his young life.  Because he had to be bottle fed, he was quite friendly with his keepers, however, they were also aware they needed to allow Edan to keep his caribou instincts rather than interact with zookeepers.

In the past few years, he participated in training sessions with keepers, including halter and lead training, which allowed for easy hoof trims, and for any necessary treatment of hoof problems.