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12 Nigerian Dwarf Goats Born
at the Milwaukee County Zoo


Posted June 2019

The Milwaukee County Zoo is excited to announce the birth of 12 Nigerian dwarf goats! The six bucklings (males) and six doelings (females) were born between April 10 and May 24 to seven different does. They are currently developing off exhibit with their mothers, but will be in the Thrivent Member Network Goat Yard next summer.

Nigerian dwarf goats get their name from their short stature. Does are only 17-19 inches tall fully grown, while bucks are only 19-21 inches tall. Dwarf goats are very playful, and they love to climb on things. They also are extremely friendly, so they are a great fit for the Goat Yard. Upon birth, the baby dwarf goats ranged in weight from 1.9 pounds to 4.7 pounds.

Female Natalia, the first of the dwarf goat babies, was born on April 10 to doe Alyssa. Next, on April 13, males Rocket, Groot, and Draw were born to doe Worthy. On April 16, doe Cassie gave birth to male Loki.

The day after, females Nebula, Gamora, and Marvel were born to doe Buttercup. About a week later, doe Brenda gave birth to male Quill. Two weeks after, female Shuri was born to doe Tinkerbell. On May 24, male Odin and female Valkyrie were born to doe Rosetta. The goats were named after characters from The Avengers!

GoatsThe zookeepers describe the baby goats as “fun to watch,” and say they often try to stand on top of their moms. The Zoo’s Northwestern Mutual Family Farm now has a total of 38 Nigerian dwarf goats, almost half of which were born at the Zoo.

The baby Nigerian dwarf goats are not out in the Goat Yard yet because they are too small and could easily get hurt. However, there are other dwarf goats in the Goat Yard to see. Visitors can also feed them daily from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with the purchase of goat pellets. The Goat Yard is located in the Family Farm on the east end of the Zoo, near the playground.