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Zoo Announces Birth of Harbor Seal Pup!

Harbor seal pup

Posted June 2018

The Milwaukee County Zoo is proud to announce details of a harbor seal pup birth on May 30. The pup joins older brother, Triton, the most recent harbor seal born at the Zoo in June of 2016.

The new male was born in the early morning to Sydney, and dad, Ringo, one of the oldest harbor seals in human care. He is the pair’s fourth pup. His keepers recorded a weight of 38 pounds, at five days old. Volunteers have been monitoring the Harbor Seal Exhibit to make sure the pup is getting along with the others and adjusting to his new surroundings.

Harbor seal pupZookeepers report he’s doing well, nursing and bonding with mom. Sydney keeps the pup close to her as he explores the exhibit, making sure the other seals do not bother him. Older brother, Triton, is very interested in the new pup and sometimes plays too rough. So, the keepers are working on short positive interactive sessions with mom, Triton and new pup, under supervision. 

The Zoo currently houses five harbor seals: adults Ringo, Sydney, Cossette; adolescent Triton; and the newborn. At birth, harbor seals are able to swim immediately and can dive up to 2 minutes at just two days old. 

The Zoo’s newest harbor seal pup had his name chosen by the public! A naming contest, hosted on the Milwaukee County Zoo’s Facebook page from June 12 through June 19, gave the public a chance to get involved. Name options, chosen by the keepers, were: Milo, Noah and Hoffman. A total of 1,577 people voted and the winning name was… Milo!

To say hello to Milo, head over to the Harbor Seal Exhibit located next to polar bear, Snow Lilly! Make sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all things Zoo related!

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