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Dr. Lily Update

Dr. Lily Parkinson Red Panda Cub

Posted October 2018

Dr. Lily Parkinson, a female red panda cub, born June 6 at the Milwaukee County Zoo is flourishing. Lily is most active in the morning. She enjoys eating bamboo and running around her outdoor exhibit. Red pandas are arboreal animals, which means they live in trees, so visitors should look for her toward the top of the exhibit hanging out on the logs and platforms!

Being the first red panda cub born at the Milwaukee County Zoo, keepers were nervous at first but very excited at the same time. Her keepers consulted with other zoo keepers in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) community who had successful red panda births. The AZA community is very collaborative and supportive toward other keepers and medical staff. While mother, Dr. Erin, was pregnant, her keepers made sure to keep noise levels low. When noise levels are too high, the red pandas can become disturbed. Shortly after Dr. Lily was born, she received weekly health checks, which she passed with flying colors!

Dr. Lily is described as a spitfire by her keepers. She bounces around her exhibit pouncing on mom and dad. She’s very playful and loves to chase her dad, Dash! Visitors should plan on making Dr. Lily their first stop at the Zoo, sometime after 9 a.m.!