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You Butter Believe It,
The Milwaukee County Zoo
Ups The Dining Experience!

OOZ Food Truck

Posted July 2018

Are you looking for a unique dining experience during your next visit? The Zoo can accommodate any of your food needs, wants or desires. Service Systems Associates (SSA) began at the Zoo one year ago, as the Zoo’s new concessions, merchandise and catering partner. Transitioning in upcoming years, SSA is working towards adding more local suppliers where possible, drawing upon Milwaukee’s rich culinary heritage. As part of the partnership, new food locations are now offered, at competitive and affordable prices.

Last year’s fan-favorite, The Coop, is back, as well as dietary- and kid-friendly, Bean Sprouts. Additions this year are sure to become favorites, and include: The Bear Garden, OOZ Food Truck, Husk Haus, and West End Snacks.

New Food:

Bear Garden

Bear GardenAn ode to Wisconsin’s outdoors, The Bear Garden is designed to resemble a rustic cabin with picturesque green grass and trees blanketing the landscape. Visitors can take pictures with two realistic bear carvings nestled between two pine trees, or sit down at the picnic area adorned with signs showing the distance from the Zoo to several Wisconsin State Parks, including, Big Foot Beach and Capital Springs.

The “adult-friendly” menu includes, draft beers, bottles and cans. There will always be 12 beers to choose from, options rotating depending on demand. On hot days, visitors can grab ice cream floats for the kids and an adult float made with Henry’s Hard Orange Soda®, or Not Your Father’s Root Beer®. Stephanie Gray, SSA’s general manager, said, “We want people to have fun and enjoy a beer if they choose, but for people who aren’t drinking to have fun too.” The Bear Garden will also serve pretzels, cheese cups, water and Gatorade.

The Bear Garden is located across from the grizzly bears, and starts serving beer at 11 a.m. Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo would be honored to crash this picnic!

OOZ Food Truck

Step back in time, with this silver food truck modeled after a retro camper. For cheese lovers, OOZ is a must stop destination.

The menu includes, grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese, OOZ fries (OOZ cheese sauce, bacon, green onion, and sour cream), and many more options.

Located next to The Bear Garden, OOZ Food Truck is a Wisconsinite’s dream serving up plenty of cheese, and is sure to make visitor’s mouths water, just ask the bears!

Husk Haus

Husk HausHusk and you shall receive -- the Zoo is adding roasted corn to its expanding food lineup. Gray said, “The Husk Haus is an opportunity to serve people something there is a lot of love for.” Husk Haus menu includes; bratwurst, hotdogs, beer, corn on the cob and all its fixings (butter, salt and seasoning).

Located near the Harbor Seal Exhibit, the Husk Haus pavilion will satisfy any visitor’s beer, brat or corn cravings.

West End Snacks

West End SnacksThe new West Entrance doesn’t just feature a new parking lot, Otter Exhibit, and souvenir shop. West End Snacks, the new grab-and-go snack shop, is a great place to grab a small bite while watching our otters frolic, swim, and slide. The usual snacks, soft pretzel and cheese cups will be served, as well as Dole Whip®, a kosher, gluten-free, and dairy-free soft-serve snack. Both strawberry and pineapple flavors will be offered.

Dole Whip® is a popular treat amongst Disney® visitors, and is sure to be a hit at the Zoo. The West End Snacks shop is located near Otter Passage by the West Entrance parking lot. 

The new food offerings officially opened Memorial Day weekend. Gray said, “The objective for opening so many new and unique food places is to give people an experience maybe they aren’t used to. The goal is to have every stop, from animal exhibits to food be a great experience.” Come to see the animals and stay for the food at the Milwaukee County Zoo.