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Meet Our New Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden lion tamarin

Posted September 2017

The youngster is a female, and has been named Cricket.

The Zoo is pleased to announce the birth of a 3-month-old golden lion tamarin, born June 28 to mom, Levi, and dad, Basil.

The infant weighs approximately 100 grams and will grow to be 600 to 700 grams, similar to the size of its parents.

The golden lion tamarin’s sex is currently unknown and will not be known until it is 6 months old. We’ll announce a name at the 6 month mark!

Golden lion tamarinThe infant enjoys eating monkey biscuits, fruits, vegetables and insects. Daily enrichment is given to the family, often in the form of treats and toys.

The golden lion tamarin just started eating solid food on its own and is even brave enough to take food directly from zookeepers’ hands.

Sister, Paisley, and brother, Sage, both love to play with their new sibling. Paisley and Sage will often carry the golden lion tamarin around when it needs a ride!

Golden lion tamarinThe golden lion tamarin is known for forming social family groups. Males help to raise their offspring, as seen with dad, Basil.

The golden lion tamarin population is currently listed as endangered. An expansion of agriculture, logging and industry threatens the population and their wild habitats. In order to spread the message of conservation for the endangered species, Aug. 2 is International Golden Lion Tamarin Day. 

The Golden Lion Tamarin Exhibit is bustling with activity, with five members in the family. Say hello to the newest member of the family in the Small Mammals building.