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Family Free Day at the Zoo!

Sponsored by North Shore Bank
Media Sponsor: WITI FOX 6

October 8, 2016
9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Speckled mousebird fledglings

Bring your family, friends and neighbors to the Zoo on October 8 because Zoo admission is FREE! We have many indoor animal exhibits for your enjoyment, or venture through the Zoo grounds where you’ll find many outdoor animal exhibits. (Regular parking and concession fees apply.)

While you’re here for Family Free Day, check out some of our new feathered friends in the Aviary! Our sunbittern youngster and Luzon bleeding heart doves have fledged, and we also have two speckled mousebird fledglings (pictured above) in the Termite Exhibit. There are many Inca tern fledglings in East Flight, which are really fun to watch as they learn how to fly. It is easy to tell them apart from the adults as they don’t yet have the red beak and feet or a moustache!

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North Shore Bank
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