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New Snow Leopard Arrives
at the Milwaukee County Zoo

Snow leopard Asa

Posted December 2015

The Milwaukee County Zoo has recently acquired a male snow leopard named Asa, from the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY.

Asa’s journey to Milwaukee began this summer when the Greater Milwaukee Foundation announced it would assist the Zoo with acquiring two new snow leopards as its July Gift to the Community. Asa is the first of the snow leopards to arrive.

Snow leopard AsaBorn in July 2014, Asa was hand-raised by Syracuse’s collection manager due to complications in his birth. Keepers at the Milwaukee County Zoo report Asa is quite social, and has adapted to his new home a lot more quickly than other cats would, especially snow leopards. He is very interested in his keepers and loves scratches from a back scratcher.

It’s the Zoo's hope Asa eventually breeds with the second female snow leopard scheduled to arrive sometime next year from Switzerland.

Snow leopard AsaCurrently he’s becoming acclimated to his surroundings and to his exhibit mate, female Tomiris. Both Asa and Tomiris are cautious of each other at this time; this is the first time Asa has been with another snow leopard, although he had access through mesh to his mother and father in Syracuse. Zoo visitors will see Asa on exhibit sporadically during these first few months of initial introductions.