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Snow Leopard Cub Update!

Snow Leopard Sossy

Posted August 2014

Our male snow leopard cub, Sossy, is now 2 months old, weighs 7 pounds and recently received his second set of vaccinations. He’s learned how to climb and has started venturing out of his nest box. Although his primary diet still comes from nursing, he has sampled small amounts of beef, pork and chicken. Just like mom, Tomiris, and dad, Genghis, his favorite is the chicken!

Sossy is not on public exhibit yet, but visitors can view a live feed of mom and cub on the television screen located inside the Florence Mila Borchert Big Cat Country. Twice each day, Sossy is briefly separated from his mom so that keepers can weigh him and check to make sure his leg muscles are developing properly.

Sossy absolutely loves new toys, but like any youngster grows tired of the novelty quickly. The Zoo has established an Amazon Wish List where visitors can donate items to favorite animals. Please visit our link and consider donating something for our cub that will help him strengthen his climbing muscles or help him to grow into an adult snow leopard.

Snow leopards are an endangered species in the wild. The Milwaukee County Zoo works with the International Snow Leopard Trust to help raise money and awareness about snow leopard conservation. To learn more information about this organization, visit here.