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What's New with Our Jaguar Youngsters?

Jaguar cubs, B'alam and Zean

Posted February 2014

At 14 months old, jaguar cubs B'alam and Zean weigh in at 135 pounds each! That means the youngsters are larger than dad, Pat, who is 120 pounds. Although mom, Stella, weighs 85 pounds, she's still in charge.

Just like mom, Stella, B'alam and Zean don’t like the cold weather and prefer the temperature outside to be at least 30 degrees before going out. Dad, Pat, on the other hand, seems to enjoy spending limited time in the cold.

The youngsters' individual personalities are really shining through. B'alam is still a lot like his dad with a very laid back personality. He is slow to get up in the mornings and thrives on routine and consistency. He loves watching movies on the big screen and prefers carnivore nature documentaries! He also likes playing in water, just like his dad.

Zean's personality is more similar to mom, Stella. He likes to know what is going on at all times and keeps a close eye on everyone. He is also quick to let keepers know when he doesn't like something. He is less likely than his brother, B'alam, to sit still long enough to watch a movie. He's also a problem solver and has already discovered how to take apart their water bowl.

Although the boys still spend most of their day with mom, Stella, they are separated from her for short durations. On most days, you can see mom and dad on inside exhibit in the morning, and mom, B'alam and Zean on inside exhibit in the afternoon. Visit the jaguar youngsters daily, in the Florence Mila Borchert Big Cat Country.