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Bonobo Births

Bonobo infant

Posted January 2014

The Milwaukee County Zoo's bonobo population has increased once again. Ten-year-old Deidre gave birth on November 21 and 14-year-old Zomi gave birth on December 1. The infants weigh approximately three pounds each and are nursing from their mothers and thriving. They are also being cared for by other bonobos. To spot bonobo babies on exhibit, look for bonobo adults carrying the babies tightly on the adult's stomach.

Bonobo mother and infantThere are an estimated 190 captive bonobos in Europe and North America combined, so each birth is significant to the overall population. Currently, the Milwaukee County Zoo has one of the largest captive bonobo collections. These recent births, added to the two bonobos born in May and June of 2013, bring the Milwaukee County Zoo's total bonobo troop count to 20.

These births also represent a significant conservation accomplishment for this endangered species whose numbers are dwindling in the wild due to habitat loss, illegal hunting, disease and pet trading.

Visit the bonobos daily, in the Zoo's Apes of Africa building.