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Dashing Through the Snow...

Red panda, Dash

Posted December 2013

Meet Dash, who is our newest, very athletic and inquisitive red panda! Dash was born June 6, 2012 and is from the Granby Zoo in Quebec, Canada. He will rotate on outdoor exhibit with our other male red panda, 16-year-old, Genghis.

Red panda, DashThe Zoo’s horticulture department grows bamboo shoots that are fed to both Dash and Genghis. Additionally, both love eating biscuits, pears, apples and grapes. Red pandas have a pseudo (false) thumb that helps them grasp bamboo shoots and climb.

Visit Dash and Genghis’ outdoor exhibit located near the Florence Mila Borchert Big Cat Country building.


  • Native to the mountains of Nepal, Myanmar and central China, red pandas are a vulnerable species due to deforestation.
  • Red pandas are slightly larger than the average house cat.
  • Red pandas have extremely long tails (up to 18 inches long), used for both balance and as a blanket, that they can wrap around themselves in cold temperatures.