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Jersey Cow vs. Jersey Shore

Rosie the Jersey cow

Posted March 2013

If you think the Jersey cow breed originated on the Jersey Shore, think again. Jersey cows are actually from the Island of Jersey, a small British island located in the English Channel, just off the coast of France.

The Northwestern Mutual Family Farm recently acquired Rosie, an almost two-year-old Jersey heifer. She came from a private Wisconsin farm. Rosie is extremely adorable with beautiful brown rings around her eyes. She’s also pregnant with an expected delivery date of May 26!

Jersey cows are one of the oldest and smallest dairy breeds. Their milk contains one of the highest amounts of butterfat, and as a result, their milk is great for making cheese or butter. The fur around a Jersey’s neck and face may change to dark brown/almost black, as it grows older.

Visit Rosie daily, at the Northwestern Mutual Family Farm.

A heifer is a young cow that has not had her first calf. Once a heifer has her first calf, she goes from being called a heifer to being called a cow.