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Support Animal Enrichment
at the Milwaukee County Zoo

Jaguar enrichment

Brown bear enrichmentThere are many factors a zoo must consider to keep its animal collection healthy. According to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), animal enrichment is a required process for enhancing animals’ environments. As an AZA-accredited facility, the Milwaukee County Zoo continuously provides enrichment for its animal collection by addressing the behavioral, environmental, physical, sensory, psychological and social needs of each individual animal, based upon the natural history of the species. Enrichment helps encourage behaviors similar to what would be seen in the wild and it also helps keep the animals’ minds active, stimulated and healthy.

Lion cubs enrichmentOur animal care staff has assembled a list of enrichment items the public can purchase on Amazon.com (items will be sent directly to the Milwaukee County Zoo). You can help us provide needed enrichment to our animals by donating an item from our Amazon.com Wish List. On the left side of the webpage, look for the list of needed enrichment items, categorized by each Zoo area.

Our Wish List includes many different types of enrichment items including balls, hammocks, food, paint, a sandbox and even perfume! Only items approved by our veterinary staff are listed. Enrichment is just as critical to our animal’s welfare as veterinary medicine, so please consider making a donation today!

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