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Checking In On Our Jaguar Cubs

Jaguar cubs, B'alam and Zean

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Posted October 2013

Jaguar cub siblings B’alam and Zean are growing up fast! At just under 11-months-old, B’alam weighs 97 pounds while Zean weighs 101 pounds. That means they’re already larger than mom Stella, who weighs 80 pounds and it also means they’re catching up to dad Pat, who weighs 115 pounds.

Now that they’re getting older, keepers have been separating the cubs from their mom in the afternoon, keeping the cubs in the inside exhibit while the cubs’ parents, Stella and Pat, get reacquainted in the outside exhibit. Like so many brothers, the cubs enjoy roughhousing while mom is away. The cubs also love searching for “toys” the keepers bury in leaf piles. Toys provide great enrichment to help the animals exhibit natural behaviors that would be seen in the wild.

B’alam’s personality is still more similar to his father Pat’s easy going personality, while Zean’s personality is still more similar to mom Stella’s, energetic personality. Zean also seems to miss mom more during their afternoon separation and calls for her more than B’alam. B’alam loves to play in the water, even on chilly days, while Zean trys to avoid getting wet.

Stay tuned for details about their upcoming 1-year birthday celebration! Details coming soon!

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Jaguar cubs Jaguar cubs Jaguar cubs Jaguar cubs Jaguar cubs
Jaguar cubs Jaguar cubs Jaguar cubs Jaguar cubs Jaguar cubs