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The Zoo’s lions and tigers share
more than you think!

Amur tiger splashing in water

What do all nine of the Zoo’s lions and tigers, Tula, Nuri, Kiume, Hubert, Njeri, Kajmak, Sanura, Amba and Themba, all have in common? Any guesses?

Here’s a hint: Think July

Still guessing?

Each of the Zoo’s lions and tigers share a July birthday! Here’s the breakdown:

Tiger cubs Tula and Nuri turned three (pictured in this story)
Tiger male, Kajmak, turned 17
Tiger female, Amba, turned nine
Lion female, Sanura, turned nine
Lion cubs, Kiume, Hubert and Njeri, turned one
Lion male, Themba, turned nine

Although you may wonder if there is significance to the July birthdays, it really is just a coincidence! 

Please visit all of our felines at the Florence Mila Big Cat Country Exhibit, open daily.

Amur tiger Tula and Nuri