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Remember Your Favorite Zoo Animal
this Holiday Season

Giving Tree Ornaments

Posted November 2012

The Milwaukee County Zoo is displaying a very special “Giving Tree” this holiday season, exclusively designed on behalf of our animal collection. For the fourth consecutive year, our zookeepers are hosting the Giving Tree enrichment donation project. Last year’s project raised $2,684 in animal enrichment supplies.

Our Giving Tree, displayed inside the Zoo’s U.S. Bank Gathering Place, will be adorned with ornaments featuring enrichment items needed by our Zoo animals. Each ornament, handmade by the Zoological Society’s Zoo Pride volunteers, will display the name of the animal to receive the item, a description of the enrichment item, the item cost and suggestions for where items may be purchased. Monetary donations are also accepted.

Enrichment enhances all aspects of an animal’s welfare by addressing the behavioral, environmental, physical, psychological and social needs of each individual animal, based upon the natural history of the species. Enrichment encourages displays of behaviors similar to what would be seen in the wild.

Our Giving Tree ornaments will feature animal-specific foods, “toys” and hardware for hanging enrichment items. Specific store gift cards will also be included so that zookeepers can also purchase items needed. 

  • Giving TreeWhen: The tree will be displayed November 27 through New Year’s Day
  • Gifts needed: View a complete list of requested enrichment items here, or visit the Giving Tree, located inside the Zoo’s U.S. Bank Gathering Place
  • How to donate: Drop off your donation at the Zoo’s main Administration Office located inside the Zoo’s U.S. Bank Gathering Place. Let the gate attendant know you’re visiting for a Giving Tree donation.
  • Contact for more information: Public Affairs and Services Division, 414-256-5466