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Frequently Asked Questions – Picnic Areas   

Q. Which areas are available for Picnics?

A. The Zoo offers six areas to hold your event. Based on the size of your group we will recommend the area best suited for you.

Q. Why do I have to pay a rental fee and a fee for each guest?

A. The rental fee is for the picnic area. The fee for each guest covers Zoo admission.

Q. Do I have to pay for parking?

A. No. This is included with your picnic pass admission.

Q. When do I tell the Zoo how many guests are coming? How do my guests gain admission into the Zoo?

A. We send you a Planners Guide approximately a month before your picnic. The Planner’s Guide allows you to tell us how many guests you’re expecting. We ask that you fill out and return the Planner’s Guide at least two weeks before your picnic event. Since children age two and under are free, you do not need to include them in your count. Tickets can be picked up at the zoo so that you can distribute to your guests prior to the event. Your guests will present their tickets at the admission gate. We will bill you for the amount of redeemed tickets.

Q. If I reserve a picnic area, is there a discount for the special attractions? (i.e. Special Exhibits, Carousel, Sea Lion Show, Zoomobile and Train)

A. Yes. You can order special attraction tickets in advance. You are billed for what is redeemed. Each ticket can be redeemed for only one special attraction.

Q. Can my guests use their family Zoo Pass for a company picnic?

A. No. A Zoo Pass is for individual family visits and is not valid when you attend the Zoo as part of a corporate function.

Q. Do I have to use a caterer?

A. Yes. You can choose the caterer from the approved list and contact them directly for pricing. Your chosen caterer will be charged a commission fee to use Zoo grounds.

Q. Does the Zoo provide banquet tables?

A. No. The Zoo does not provide banquet tables. If banquet tables are needed, you are required to rent them through the Zoo’s sole source vendor.

Q. Does the Zoo provide beverage service?

A. You are required to use our in house beverage service TASTE to purchase your beer, malt beverage, soda and bottled water. Bartending services are exclusively provided by TASTE for all events. You are required to have a bartender when serving beer or malt beverages.  Please contact Lisa Perez, Catering Director at 414/379-9436 or lisaperez@kmssa.com.

Q. What if I want a tent?

A. The Zoo provides a pre-placed assembled 20x20 tent. If additional tenting is needed, you are required to rent them through the Zoo’s sole source vendor.

Q. Can I have balloons at my picnic?

A. NO. Balloons are prohibited at the Zoo for animal safety policy.