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Adventure Africa Learning Loft

Adventure Africa Learning Loft
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Host your afterhours event on a Grand Scale, in the New Adventure Africa Learning Loft; home to our two African Elephants.

With floor to ceiling windows, the Loft overlooks the state-of-the-art Elephant Care Center featuring a recreation room of sand and padded floors, five individual stalls for training and husbandry and plenty of space for enrichment activities. The front deck gives you a top view of the Zoo and the expansive outdoor habitat featuring a watering hole, feeding walls and the Impala Plains.

Seating capacity provided for the Loft is limited due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. AV connections or setup are available.

Food and Beverage are required to be contracted with the Zoo’s in-house concessionaire, Taste.

Rental Fee: $1,400 + $2.50 per person

Catering and Beverage Service not included