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Jaguar Cubs Cam

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This web cam was made possible by the generous donors to the Zoological Society of Milwaukee's web cam annual appeal.

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You Can Help Our Jaguar Cubs Grow and Develop!
Click here for more information on purchasing enrichment items for the cubs. All purchases are made through Amazon.com and sent directly to the Milwaukee County Zoo. Thank you for considering a donation to our jaguar cubs!

Thank You!
We have received many wonderful gifts, all of which the cubs are enjoying! Due to privacy issues, Amazon is not always able to pass along the name of the person who purchased the item. Because we're unable to send a thank you card to each person, we do want to express here our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported the cubs.

Click here for a special video of the cubs using their enrichment gifts.

Here are answers to some of your frequently asked questions:

Where are the jaguar cubs?

If the cubs are not in view, most likely they're spending time in their nestbox, nursing or sleeping. As the cubs continue to grow, they'll be spending more time out the nestbox playing and spending time with their mom, Stella – so do check back often. At times, the cubs and Stella also have access to a "play" den that does not have a camera. This den is available so the cubs can get acclimated to new places, and have additional space to stretch their legs.  

What are the keepers doing with the cubs?

Zookeepers go in with the cubs for regular weighing and health checks, and also to socialize the cubs to human presence. Socialization occurs when staff safely interact with cubs at a young age. This is not to be confused with hand-rearing, and is not intended to change the animals' behavior. Rather, it is used to de-sense animals to a life among humans. The goal is to get the cubs accustomed to human smell and presence, and associate us with positive interactions. It also allows for frequent health checks during the most vulnerable time of their lives.  

It is important to acclimate Stella to being separated from the cubs for short periods of time in preparation for upcoming vet checks and vaccinations. You may see Stella pacing at times when she is separated; this is normal behavior and it demonstrates how good of a mom Stella is to her cubs. Keepers keep a close eye on the behavior of Stella to decide if it is time to end a social session early.

As the cubs grow and develop, their natural behaviors will start developing. These behaviors include pouncing, chasing and playing. Keepers will start interacting with the cubs using toys that are appropriate for the cubs to help develop the cubs' behaviors and discourage the them from using the keepers a play toys. Play is considered an important behavior in order for the cubs to grow and develop, both mentally and physically.