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Frequently Asked Questions

Halloween Spooktacular
October 25 and 26, 2019

Are tickets required for this event?
No, tickets are not required, it’s general admission and Zoo passes.

Do Zoo Pass members get a discount?
Yes, Zoo Pass members receive free admission with their member ID.

Should my child wear a costume? Can adults wear costumes?
Costumes are encouraged but are not required! Adults may also wear costumes but we ask that they be family-friendly and they do not wear masks that cover the face.

Is there trick-or-treating for this event?
Yes, Halloween Spooktacular offers trick-or-treating on October 25 and 26.

Are trick or treat bags provided?
No, trick-or-treaters are encouraged to bring their own bags.

Is this event family friendly?
This event is geared towards young children and families. Decorations include scarecrows, hundreds of carved pumpkins and a barely-scary cemetery.

What animals can we see?
The following buildings are open for this event: Apes of Africa, Primates of the World, Aquatic & Reptile Center, Small Mammals and Big Cats. For their health and safety, outdoor animals are not on exhibit.

Are the concession stands open?
Yes, the concessions stands are open for this event.