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Mother's Day

Sponsored by

The Corners of Brookfield

Sunday, May 8, 2022


Make it a special day for mom with a trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8. All mothers will receive free admission, courtesy of The Corners of Brookfield.

Safari TrainBy spending time at the Zoo with mom, or a special loved one, be sure to visit some of our animal moms. Prehensile-tailed porcupine mom, Quinn, gave birth to a baby, whose sex is not yet known, on March 27. This is the second offspring for Quinn, and dad, Seamus (Shay-muss). Their first offspring named Bristle was born in May 2021, and recently moved to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa.

Zookeepers report that Quinn has taken to motherhood much more easily the second time around. Since she’s a more experienced mother, she has been able to care for the baby (called a “porcupette”) without assistance from her keepers. As soon as the baby was born, Quinn began to nurse and groom it. The baby is curious about its surroundings and has been following Quinn around the habitat more and more each day.

Prehensile-tailed porcupines are born with quills that are covered by red fur. As the baby grows, it will gradually lose its red fur, revealing its quills. It will retain some fur on its stomach into adulthood.

Prehensile-tailed porcupines are very independent animals from birth. Besides when she’s nursing, Quinn doesn’t need to give the baby too much attention, instead allowing it to develop on its own.

Patty Sharptooth is one of the Zoo’s lionesses, and mother to Eloise and Amira.

Other animal moms you’ll see at the Zoo include African lioness Patty Sharptooth, and her two offspring Eloise and Amira; Japanese macaques Negai and Rikka; and southern three-banded armadillo Mona. Mona and her offspring, Mira, share an exhibit with the pre-hensile-tailed porcupines in the Small Mammals building.

On Mother’s Day, the Zoo is open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. All mothers receive free admission, however regular parking, concessions, and daily attraction rates still apply.

For more information on Mother’s Day, sponsored by The Corners of Brookfield, please call the Zoo’s Marketing and Communications Department at 414.256.5466.