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Frequently Asked Questions

Boo at the Zoo Drive-Thru!
Oct. 22-25, 2020, 5:30 p.m.-9 p.m.

Boo At The Zoo


How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets are only available online.

Are tickets available at the Zoo on the night of the event?

Tickets are not available at the Zoo. Tickets must be purchased here.

Can I switch my tickets to a different day or time?

Boo at the Zoo Drive-Thru tickets are not refundable or transferable to a different day or time. Because this is a timed event, please arrive only at your reserved time.

What if it rains?

Boo at the Zoo Drive-Thru is rain or shine!

Do Zoo Pass Members receive a discount?

Yes, Zoo Pass Members receive a discount, enter SpookyZooPass and Member I.D. when prompted. Please note:  Members will enter the discount code in the Shopping Cart portion of the reservation.

Can we go through the route more than once?

Tickets are for one Boo at the Zoo Drive-Thru experience.

Can we ride in the bed of a pickup truck?

No. All guests must comply with seatbelt and child restraint laws while experiencing Boo at the Zoo.

Are motorcycles permitted?

Yes, but guests must always remain seated. Face masks are required for guests on motorcycles along the entire route.


What safety measures are you taking?

Zoo staff will have face masks on while you present your online tickets at the admission gate. This is the only point of contact for the event (unless you purchase food and drink). All guests will remain in their cars. All Zoo staff will be wearing masks.

Are face masks required?

Face masks are required during the following:

  • Upon entry to the Zoo, while presenting your online ticket with the admission gate staff
  • All times interacting with staff (i.e. purchasing food)
  • If you require emergency use of our restrooms
  • If you are attending on a motorcycle or convertible with the top down

While on the Boo at the Zoo route, because guests are not permitted to exit their vehicle, face masks are not required.

Boo At The ZooWhat ages are appropriate for this event?

This is a merry-not-scary event, so all ages are welcome. Adults and kids at heart will love it too!

How long is the route?

The route is 1.5-miles through the Zoo grounds and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

What is the best time to attend?

Dusk begins around 6:15 p.m. Consider tickets earlier than this if members of your group would have a better experience before it gets dark. This experience will have music and blinking lights.

Which side of the car will be a better experience?

Decorations will be displayed on both the passenger and driver sides of the vehicle.

Can we see animals?

Animals are not viewable during this event.

Will food and drinks be available?

Yes, there will be food, drink and merchandise stops along the route. Follow the directional signs to pull into the food lanes to get your snacks and merchandise.

Are restrooms available?

A restroom for emergency use is available at the end of the route at Maple Cove picnic site. Face masks are required when you exit your vehicle to use the restrooms.

Rules of the Road

  • Speed limit is 4 mph.
  • You must always remain in your vehicle.
  • Please leave a safe distance from the car directly in front of you.
  • Passing is not permitted.
  • Vehicle size limited to 20 feet in length and 6.5 feet in width, for example a Ford F250 truck.
  • Vehicles cannot exceed 6.5 feet in height.
  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  • This event is for motorized vehicles only.
  • Guests must comply with seatbelt and child restraint laws.
  • All other vehicle laws apply during Boo at the Zoo Drive-Thru