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Wynter the Groundhog
Predicts an Early Spring

February 2, 2016

Groundhog Wynter

During the annual ceremony today at the Zoo, Wynter the groundhog did not see her shadow, which should mean an early spring! Wynter made a brief appearance in the Zoo’s Family Farm, coaxed out of her warm indoor exhibit for treats.

The ceremony was hosted by Zoo Director, Charles Wikenhauser, and featured students from Milwaukee Montessori School who sang “Waiting for Springtime.” We thank the students and Zoo visitors who attended the ceremony. Happy Spring!

Milwaukee Montessori School students Groundhog Wynter Zoo Director Charles Wikenhauser
Milwaukee Montessori School students sing “Waiting for Springtime.” Wynter looks around, and does not see her shadow. Zoo Director Charles Wikenhauser was the host of today’s ceremony.