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The Giving Tree

December 4-31, 2019

Giving Tree

This holiday season, the Milwaukee County Zoo’s animals have some wintry wishes for the annual “Giving Tree,” displayed in the Zoo’s U.S. Bank Gathering Place, December 4 through December 31. As an annual holiday tradition at the Zoo, the “Giving Tree” raises money for the animals in gift cards and cash donations.

The “Giving Tree” will be “a glow” and decorated with handmade paper ornaments featuring animal enrichment requests from the zookeepers ranging from food treats to monetary donations. Visitors can choose any ornament to take home and purchase the item listed. Gifts can be dropped off at the Zoo’s Administration Office in the U.S. Bank Gathering Place. (Let the gate attendant know you’re visiting on behalf of the “Giving Tree.”)

Giving TreeThe Zoological Society’s Zoo Pride volunteers create the handmade ornaments that adorn the “Giving Tree.” Each ornament features the name of an enrichment item, the name of the animal, the cost and information on where to purchase.

Visitors can choose an ornament for their favorite animal and either purchase the item themselves, or make a monetary donation, and the Zoo will purchase the item on the visitor’s behalf.

Enrichment is used throughout the year to enhance all aspects of an animal’s welfare by addressing the behavioral, environmental, physical, psychological and social needs of the species.

The “Giving Tree” will feature many different gift suggestions including:

  • Polar Bear: Johnson & Johnson Bubble Bath
  • Rhinos: CDs of Nature Sounds
  • Lions: Old Spice Variety Packs
  • Bonobos: Almond Butter
  • Humboldt Penguins: Kong Belly Flops Starfish

Accompanying the “Giving Tree” are 60+ evergreen trees donated by Hawks Landscape. The trees will be adorned with hundreds of handmade animal ornaments by 66 Milwaukee-area youth groups as part of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee’s annual Fantastic Forest. This year’s “Take a Tour Around the Zoo” themed Fantastic Forest will be open to visitors from December 7 through January 3.

For more information on the “Giving Tree,” contact the Zoo’s Marketing and Communications Department at 414.256.5466.

See the complete wish list for this year’s Giving Tree.