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Frosty Free Week

Dec. 26-31, 2020

Advance Reservations No Longer Required

North American river otter
Watch the otters swim, slip and slide during Frosty Free Week!

As the year 2020 draws to a close, the Milwaukee County Zoo is thanking visitors for their continued support and patronage with its annual Frosty Free Week, Dec. 26th – December 31st. All visitors receive free admission during Frosty Free Week. Regular parking and concession fees still apply.

Snow leopard Milja
Snow leopard cub Milja enjoys the sunshine while mom Orya looks on.

Set on 190 acres of parkland, the Zoo is an excellent place to walk the many pathways and take in the refreshing, crisp air. See our cold-loving animals like snow leopard Milja, now 7 months old, jumping and bounding about in her habitat.

Snow leopards have special and unique adaptations to withstand cold temperatures including an enlarged nasal cavity that allows them to warm the air they are about to take into their lungs. Other adaptations for cold include long body hair with a dense, woolly underfur and a thick tail that can be wrapped around the body.

Another year-round exhibit to see when visiting is Otter Passage featuring playful North American river otters. These mammals have thick, protective fur to help them keep warm while swimming in cold waters. They continue to be active in cold temperatures, and in the wild, use ice holes to surface and breathe. Spend time watching them slip and slide in the Wisconsin winter!

The Zoo is open from 9:30 to 3 p.m. daily, at a limited attendance capacity. For more information, please contact the Zoo’s Marketing and Communications Division at 414.256.5466.