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$4 on the 4th of July

The Milwaukee County Zoo Celebrates Independence Day

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Celebrate the Fourth of July at the Milwaukee County Zoo with $4 admission for all visitors on Sunday, July 4 (the parking fee of $15 still applies).

Bactrian camel OliverBring the family for a fun-filled 4th of July spent with the Zoo’s wildlife. During your visit, be sure to check out the newest resident, Bactrian camel Oliver. Born April 13, Oliver is doing well and growing quickly! He’s the third offspring born to mother, Addie Jean, and father, Stan. At almost 3-months-old, he’s continuing to show independence from his parents. Visitors can see Oliver in the outdoor habitat with his mom, and grandmother, Sanchi! In case of inclement weather, Oliver will be off exhibit in the indoor camel barn.

Also, a “must-see” are the recent additions in the Small Mammals building. Meet cotton-top tamarin, Atticus, in the indoor habitat with first-time dad, Zi, and mom, Javi. Cotton-top tamarins are one of the most endangered primates in the world, and found only in the northern region of Colombia, in tropical dry forests. Youngster Atticus is almost 8 months old.

Also in the Small Mammals building, meet Grogru, a mohol galago (also known as a bushbaby), born Nov. 27, 2020. Male Grogru is also a species of primate, and was born to mother, Kirby, and first-time dad, Keanu. So far, Kirby has proven to be a very protective mom, and the youngster is progressing well. The bushbaby family lives in a mixed species habitat, sharing space with both a springhaas and a potto.

Bushbabies have large, saucer-like eyes, which help them see in low light. Along with their eyes, they’re adapted to nocturnal living with their large, collapsible ears that rotate independently like radar dishes to zero in on prey in the dark. They’re ace jumpers, using their powerful legs and extremely long tails to spring great distances. Their legs also allow them to move quickly through the forest canopy or snatch flying insects out of the air. In the wild, bushbabies live in southern Africa.

Make plans now to spend the 4th of July holiday at the Zoo, with special reduced admission! Regular parking, ride and concessions rates still apply. For more information, contact the Zoo’s Marketing and Communications Department at 414.256.5466.