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Father's Day at the Zoo

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Presented by
Prairie Farms Dairy

Goat Yard

Enjoy a fun-filled Father’s Day seeing Milwaukee County Zoo animals AND impressive animal sculptures in Sean Kenney’s Animal Super Powers made with LEGO® Bricks, sponsored by Sendik’s Food Market.

All dads receive free admission to the Zoo on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 20, courtesy of Prairie Farms Dairy.

The dynamic sculptures and exhibits in Animal Super Powers explore the evolutionary, biological and environmental reasons for amazing animal adaptations such as shapeshifting, super-strength, echolocation, and limb regeneration and asks guests to imagine themselves with the same abilities. Did you know dragonflies have super vision and their eyes can capture up to 200 images per second? Dragonfiles also have compound eyes, so they can see in multiple directions at once. This, combined with the way their eyes wrap around the top of their head, gives dragonflies a nearly 360-degree field of vision!

TrainBe sure to stop at the Giraffe habitat to see animal dad, reticulated giraffe, Bahatika. Standing a towering 14.5 feet, Baha is the tallest of the Zoo’s giraffes, and his name means “the fortunate one.” He’s lived at MCZ for 15 years, arriving from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has a somewhat bumpy face and head, typical of male giraffes. Baha is father to female Maya, born here in 2018. Maya can be seen in the habitat along with dad.

Dads are sure to have an “otterly” great Father’s Day at the Zoo! For more information, contact the Zoo’s Marketing and Communications Department at 414.256.5466.