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The Zoo employs numerous recycling efforts, some of which include:

  • The Zoo collects and recycles old cellphones through EcoCell! Recycling cell phones helps to reduce coltan mineral extraction, which contributes to destruction of gorilla habitats. If you have an old cellphone, consider donating it to the Zoo to recycle.

  • Visitors can recycle their Zoo maps in our collection bin located in the U.S. Bank Gathering Place. Help the Zoo's green efforts by recycling your maps as you leave!

  • Picture of recycle bin There are 150 Pepsi recycling bins located around Zoo grounds, where Zoo visitors can recycle both plastic bottles and aluminum cans in one container. Read more about Pepsi's Community Recycling Program here!

    • In 2016, 35,560 pounds and 718,312 units of materials were recycled with the Zoo's Pepsi recycling bins.  Since inception of the program (June 2015 - December 31, 2016), the Zoo has recycled 54,140 pounds and 1,093,628 units!

  • The Zoo recycles other items used in its administration and operation, such as its computers, printer cartridges, paper, cardboard, light bulbs, food and motor oils, restaurant cups and scrap metals.

  • The Zoo holds an annual staff Electronics Recycling Day in the summer. After two years of participation in this program, the Zoo has recycled over 800 pounds of electronics. Learn where to recycle your electronics here. Picture of electronics