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Local Food

The Zoo is a participant in the local food movement!

Picture of gardenNext time you're visiting the Zoo, look for our Animal Enrichment Gardens, where we grow fresh produce for our animals on site! Enrichment is about enhancing as many aspects of our animals' lives as possible, including giving them opportunities to interact with nutritious and stimulating foods that keep their minds active and healthy.

The Zoo currently has three enrichment gardens located by apes, rhinoceros and hippopotamus, and small mammal areas. We grow many different types of plants for our animals to shred and interact with, rub in the scented plants, and experience the different textures, smells and tastes of various fruits, vegetables, herbs, grasses and flowers.

  • We could use the following donations for gardens currently under development: non-treated railroad ties, wooden trellises, large arbor, clean planting soil, 3' high fencing with gate.

The Zoo uses some of its green space for growing its own herbs and spices for use in our many dining locations

Having gardens at the Zoo not only allows us to provide fresher produce to our animals, but also reduces our use of fossil fuels required in commercial argiculture and transportation of products to the Zoo.