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Green Awards Won by the Milwaukee County Zoo

The Zoo was a recipient of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD) Green Luminary Award in August 2015

What is the Green Luminary Award?

  • From MMSD's website:
    • MMSD logoIt takes vision and foresight to sustainably manage water where it falls. Green luminaries ultimately help protect our rivers and Lake Michigan by adopting practices that harvest rainfall for other uses or mimc nature by draining in into the ground to reduce water pollution. Green luminaries like the projects highlighted below are led by true champions who recognize not only the need to manage stormwater, but also the need to innovate and grow, to create lasting good works that connect people and prosperity to the environment.
    • Visit the Green Luminary Award page
    • Watch the video about the Zoo's Green Luminary Award here!

Keep Greater Milwaukee BeautifulThe Zoo received the Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful IDEAL Education Award in 2016.

The Milwaukee County Zoo also earned 'Travel Green' Certification from TravelWisconsin.com

What is Travel Green Wisconsin?

  • From Travel Green Wisconsin's website:

    • Travel Green Wisconsin logoIn the spirit of Wisconsin's deep heritage of environmental stewardship, the Department of Tourism initiated Travel Green Wisconsin in 2006 to promote smart, environmentally friendly business practices. The program is the first of its kind state-sponsored sustainable travel green certification in the nation and has become a model for sustainable travel efforts both nationally and internationally. As more and more travelers like you look to make your life a little greener, we hope you'll appreciate and support the tourism businesses that are working hard to reduce their own environmental impact. Check out our directory of Travel Green certified businesses for a complete listing.
      • Biannual renewal is required to maintain Travel Green Wisconsin certification membership. The "green" categories businesses and organizations are required to maintain include:
        • Communication and Education (Customers, Employees, Public); Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling; Energy Efficincy, Conservation, and Management; Water Conservation and Wastewater Management; Air Quality; Wildlife and Landscape Conservation and Management; Transportation; Purchasing; Local Community Benefits.
    • Read more about Travel Green Wisconsin here!