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The Zoo now uses plant-based, biodegradable PLA plastic cups in the Leinenkugel Lodge. These cups replaced non-biodegradable plastic cups and can be more easily recycled.

  • Picture of dining area The Zoo also has eliminated all Styrofoam products and bleached napkins in its concession stands and dining areas.

  • The Zoo uses single-utensil dispensers for all of its plastic cutlery. These dispensers reduce plastic usage by 30% when compared to prepackaged cutlery.

  • As the harvesting of palm oil leads to deforestation and destruction of primate habitat, the Zoo has reduced its sales of products containing palm oil. Our concessions management is taking an active role in eliminating use of non-sustainable palm oil in foods served at the Zoo.

    • We are also encouraging people to support companies that have made a commitment to Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

      • Read more here about the Palm Oil Scorecard that rates companies on their commitment to sustainable, no-deforestation palm oil.