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All waste from the Zoo's herbivorous (plant eating) animals is now composted!

Blue Ribbon LogoThis is a significant step forward for the Zoo's environmental practices and advocacy. Our compost is collected 4-5 times per week, averaging approximately 11 tons of waste weekly. Composting our "zoo doo" means that over 550 tons of waste annually will be turned into high quality, nutrient-rich organic soil - not only helping to create healthy fertilizer but also reducing the Zoo's waste stream, shrinking its carbon footprint and lessing its environmental impact.

The Zoo's compost is collected through a VAC-ALL truck and transported to Blue Ribbon Organics, a family-owned composting facility located in Caledonia, Wisconsin. "Blue Ribbon Organis is proud to partner with the Milwaukee County Zoo to accept the Zoo's animal waste at it's DNR-certified compost facility," says James Jutrzonka, Owner of Blue Ribbon Organics. Picture of a truck

Zoo Director, Charles Wikenhauser, agrees, saying, "the Zoo hopes to have a long-term partnership with Blue Ribbon Organics," which has the important role of producing and providing locally-made compost and soil blends for use in many homes, community gardens and businesses across southeast Wisconsin.

The Zoo may sell packages of Zoo-Doo compost at future special events for visitors to take home and use in their own gardens. Stay tuned for more details!