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Zookeeper Job Requirements

  • Extensive experience in animal care
  • Degree in zoology or closely related field is helpful, but not necessary
  • Experience with a wide variety of animals, large and small is a plus
  • Minimum one-year experience with animals required, excluding personal household pets; additional experience preferred
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old

A Closer Look

The requirements listed above are minimum requirements to be a zookeeper at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Recently hired zookeepers have 4-year degrees in a life science discipline or a related field of study, as well as several years of experience as zookeepers at other zoos.

In addition to having a 4-year degree in a life science, it is important to have as much hands-on experience with exotic animals as possible. To gain experience, we suggest volunteering with wildlife rehabilitation organizations and interning at zoos. The next step after volunteering and interning is a seasonal position at a zoo. Seasonal keepers have a greater chance of being hired on as permanent staff members, because the organization has an opportunity to get to know the keeper better.

Zookeeping is a very competitive career, especially at large and well known zoos. Those serious about pursuing a zookeeper career must be prepared to move. Internships and seasonal positions are not always available locally; prospective zookeepers often move across the country for seasonal zookeeper jobs.

Zookeepers perform a variety of tasks from raking, shoveling, scooping, hosing, scrubbing, cutting-up and feeding-out diets. Other tasks include making and providing enrichment for the animals, training cooperative behaviors, as well as some veterinary work.

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Learn more about job opportunities by visiting the Milwaukee County Department of Human Resources website.